Products, Content, and Experiences in a Mutli-Device World

Meet Hollywood…in 1962. Blockbuster movies were produced, film reels shipped to theaters and tickets sold to shows.

Meet Hollywood…in 2013. Beyond theaters, movies are watched on home TVs, laptops, tablets, phones and other devices. (Thank you Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Instant, Hulu, on-demand cable, and even DVDs.)

Universal’s movie Oblivion grossed $89 million in the USA and $189 million in international sales.

Did the studio spend extra costs for Tom Cruise to re-enact scenes for mobile devices? No.

Did the writers put in extra time to adjust the script for tablets? No.

Did the stunt doubles blow up more objects for Netflix distribution? No.

The point…

The multi-device, multi-channel and multi-lingual world.

That’s what this blog post is about. #SpoilerAlert

If you’re only positioned for the (1) desktop, (2) web experience in the English-speaking market, chances are you’re leaving a sizable amount of chips on the table. (not every organization needs the latter but all need the former.)

So what does this mean for your organization’s products, content, books, or games?

Lets examine some common challenges…

  • Our CMS manages our website’s products and content but doesn’t update our iOS and Android experiences.
  • Our marketing team creates content and imagery that is well suited for desktop dimensions but not mobile screens.
  • Our website is great but the mobile and tablet interfaces seem cluttered, unintuitive and challenging.
  • It’s both costly and tedious to translate our websites and apps into new markets. (and a pain to maintain)!
  • It’s too costly to create mobile experiences for iOS and Android devices. One reason is because we don’t have those developers in-house.

What if there was a better way?

  • What if a CMS could, from one place, easily update content and products across a website, mobile website, iPhone app, and Android app?
  • What if it could do that with beautifully designed pages?
  • What if it was intuitive experience that a non-technical employee could perform?
  • What if one push of a button could translate your company’s blog post, by a human, for only $10.62 and have it auto-published across all of devices?

Meet the future

This can be and should be every organization’s strategy. Karen McGrane has written extensively about a ‘Create Once, Publish Everywhere’ approach. (C.O.P.E. for short) Mark Boulton has an excellent write-up that echoes these principles from an adaptive content perspective.

Like Hollywood, it’s time to embrace customers across all devices and channels. Why only see movies in a theater throughout the whole year?