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Oven Bits is seeking a full-time designer to join our team. Here at the Oven, creative design is more than just good looks. We expect everything that we do to be beautiful, meet our clients’ needs, deliver real business results and be a pleasure to use. Every designer at Oven Bits is responsible for ensuring that everything we produce is no less than excellent. Excellence at Oven Bits means industry leading style, usability, performance and results.

We’re looking for someone that understands what it means to push the edge of modern software design, technology and critical thinking to create something great. Our team is passionate about creating great software and we want you to make us even better. If this sounds like it might fit what you’re looking for too, read on, and get in touch.

Be a Leader

Great software is designed by great teams. A great designer can make the difference between a good experience and a great experience. We expect you to use your knowledge of typography, color, user experience and the latest design trends to grow the rest of our team and make us all better. You will have the chance to influence all aspects of software creation, provide guidance on business requirements and shape every project you touch.

Beautiful, Inside and Out

Great design is not just how something looks, it is how it works. We work every day with the latest technologies in the mobile and web space and expect our designers to understand these platforms. Each platform is different and contains its own design patterns, tendencies and best practices. We expect designers to understand and learn these intricacies and apply the correct aesthetic to make a great experience. Sometimes this means the correct application of a specific animation or transition. Sometimes it means knowing when to use native controls and patterns. Regardless of the platform, we expect you to use your best judgement to design a great experience.

Start With Why

Many agencies will simply build what they are asked to do. A client requests a feature and they build the feature. Rinse and repeat. Often these projects do not even come close to achieving results or solving the initial problem, even after significant time and monetary investment. At Oven Bits, we prefer to get to the root of the issue and ask “why.”

Why are we building this? Why would someone use it? Why is this client interested in this problem? By starting with why, we reframe the discussion and focus on the correct things to build to solve the problem.

When a project starts with the “what” (we need an app!) often the vision gets murky. At Oven Bits, all designers must focus on the “why” through every step of a project. It’s your responsibility to ensure everything we’re designing and building fits within the client’s vision for why we are building the software in the first place and that it looks great along the way.


Passion for Excellence

We’re not playing in this game to create mediocre software. We expect every piece of work that goes out of our doors to be exceptional. You’ll be responsible for working with each project team, including other designers and developers, and challenge their thinking to make the best product possible. Often times this is a simple formula of iteration. After all, excellence is a product of persistence and determination. The first layout of a new project may solve the problem but lacks in substance, emotion or visual excellence. A designer’s job is to facilitate iteration and turn subsequent iterations into something great.

Understand the Big Picture

Oven Bits prides itself on achieving business results and generating a significant return on investment for our clients. Most designers are not focused on ROI and business metrics for each project while heads down in Photoshop. We expect something different. An Oven Bits designer is responsible for ensuring that their designs are conceived to achieve results, exceed expectations and delight our clients and users. A great designer at Oven Bits understands the client’s objectives and goals, helps shape software solutions to meet them and delivers results-oriented software.

Understanding the big picture also means that a designer understands how to apply the appropriate level of design force to every project. With a rich understanding of the client’s needs, expectations and goals you’ll be able to decide when it makes sense to leverage existing design and when it makes sense to create something entirely new. Great design at Oven Bits is a balance of proven patterns combined with innovation.

Brilliant Communicator

An Oven Bits designer sits on the front line of each project and client engagement. Not only are they responsible for designing great software, they are more importantly responsible for communicating details along the way. This includes communicating internally to our team and also communicating progress and updates to our clients.

We believe that our clients don’t hire us for pixels and code. They hire us for critical thinking, our passion, our integrity and our passion for results. Clear and proper communication helps us to deliver on these promises.

Pitch and Project

At Oven Bits, we believe that great design sells. We often prepare mockups, concepts and other design elements to pitch to potential clients and partners. Often times we don’t have the luxury of knowing everything about a client or opportunity before we design these materials. As an Oven Bits designer, you will participate in new client pitches, concept new ideas and help us innovate with design to win new projects.

Client projects present different challenges and constraints from the pitch process. Often we work jointly with a client to determine a project’s requirements. Other times the requirements are more straight-forward. Regardless of the type of project and audience, we expect great critical thinking, experience and visual aesthetic from our designers.


A Few Key Qualities

Design is special to us at Oven Bits. We're not solving easy problems, or taking on small projects. To that end, we're looking for someone with proven experience in mobile and desktop software design. That someone will have solid knowledge of IA, UX, and UI design. In addition, we require an ability to not only design well, but communicate that process with others both internally and externally to our team. The ideal Oven Bits designer has a genuine desire to learn, collaborate, and be open to new ideas and trends. We also have a visual style we apply to everything we do and any new designer will be expected to gel with our style and improve it over time.

We’re in Texas, Maybe you are too

The Oven Bits HQ is located in the West End District of downtown Dallas. Having someone who can be here and work with us face-to-face is preferred, but not a requirement. If you’re beyond a reasonable commute, this is a position open to remote working. In addition to our Texas presence, we have great team members spread across the country. A few times per year, we fly everyone in to town and have team building, planning meetings, and face-to-face collaboration sessions.

About Oven Bits

Oven Bits is a design and development agency based in Texas. We’re passionate about creating results-driven software (read: it works, not just looks great) for our clients. We’re a team of just over 45 full-time developers, designers and other great folks. Our work has been featured in Mashable, US Weekly, CBS News, Texas Monthly and The Today Show. We’re proud to have a portfolio of work that is viewed by millions of people every week. Our apps have been featured in the Apple App Store and on Google Play and we’re consistently highly ranked in various categories of each store.



At Oven Bits, we’re not only passionate about our work, but also about our team and our culture. We believe in a strong balance of work and play, and our company values reflect this. We have a 5 weeks paid time off (vacation) policy, full employee health and dental coverage and a company-matched retirement savings plan. We also have a fully stocked kitchen of drinks, snacks and enough fussy-pour-over coffee devices to keep you as caffeinated as you’d like. And, of course, we provide the best hardware and software needed to get things done.

How to Apply

If this sounds like a good fit your what you’re looking for, we’d love to start a conversation. This has been mostly about us, but we’re just as interested in hearing about you too.

Send us your resume, Dribbble account, Pinterest, LinkedIn or anything else that will help us understand how awesome you are to jobs@ovenbits.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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