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Post hero image Crushing The Core

Why do people return-to-use their favorite apps and websites?

Why are some software experiences incredibly sticky and others less so?

What features materially affect repeat usage metrics like WAUs and MAUs?

Post hero image Rainbow Shops Partners with Oven Bits

Rainbow Shops plans mobile app for deeper customer connections.

Post hero image A-Level Players: It’s Game Time, Baby

No, I’m not talking about starting fresh with the new calendar year nor am I talking about the long-overdue wintry crisp in the air. I’m talking about, yes – you guessed it, the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Post hero image Lowering the Conversion Barrier

Apple’s iPhone 6s announcement of the 3D Touch feature spurred a flurry of version releases from leading apps like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest embracing this new feature. What 3D Touch actually represents, is a larger trend in user interface design where functionality can be introduced without adding weight to the interface.

Post hero image Open Source: ModelRocket

Today, the iOS team at Oven Bits is excited to announce our first (of hopefully many) open source Swift libraries. The library is called ModelRocket, and it totally rules (just like Swift).

Post hero image Average Culture / Great Culture

To execute against a world class idea or product, it all starts with world class people. More so, those people need to deeply share a common belief in, understanding of and pursuit towards a clear culture.

Post hero image Oven Bits Takes Austin!

BBQ, breakfast tacos and mobile hotness - all in true SXSW fashion.

Post hero image Taking the Oven to SXSW

Come hang with the Oven Bits crew and friends in Austin for SXSW at The Block. We’ll be firing up the grill, unwrapping fresh tacos, and of course, chatting all things mobile tech beneath the friendly shade of our Airstream trailer.

Post hero image Being Agile Leads to Results

Success for our customers is more than just getting things done on time and on budget.

Post hero image I'm (not) Good Enough

I had just landed the job of my dreams working at a cool design and development agency downtown (yes, Oven Bits). I had great co-workers, a cool office space, and all the pour-over coffee I could ask for. I was genuinely happy, except for one fact: I didn’t think I deserved it.

Post hero image 5 Keys to Using Agile

Many companies and teams try to adopt Agile before fully appreciating the investments that need to be made to maximize its chances for success. You need to trust your teams to “figure it out” but also give them the time and tools necessary to do so.

Post hero image It's Time to Double Down on Security

It seems that every couple months, we read another headline about someone hacking a big-name company. What can we do in a world where data theft has become all too common?

Post hero image A Concierge Strategy for Growing Mobile Revenue

Buckle up, brands – if I’m going to give you insanely valuable real estate on my mobile screen, then you better provide something more than just a faster way to take my money.

Post hero image The Great Oven Bits Get Healthy Challenge of 2015™

Here at The Oven, we’ve been known to partake in our fair share of sweet treats and rich foods. From our “Donut Thursdays”, celebrating birthdays with Emporium Pies, or simply enjoying some good old fashioned Texas BBQ we don’t tend to hold back in the food department.

But as a company that’s working to constantly improve ourselves, we took the new year as an opportunity to re-evaluate the state of development on ourselves and our bodies.

Post hero image A Year With Unlimited Vacation

Unlimited vacation policies are surprisingly controversial. The name sounds too good to be true. The skeptics have the same basic argument: unlimited vacation policies will make employees take less days away from work and therefore it is bad for the employees, but good for the company.

Post hero image With Great Change Comes Great Responsibility

Learning to embrace the inevitable

I’ve been at Oven Bits now for just under 2 years. In that time I’ve since gotten married, did a complete rebrand and website overhaul, helped launch one of our very first products (more on this in a later post), stepped into a new role,

Post hero image In Growing Mobile Revenue, Both Native App & Mobile Web Are Key

The growth of mobile around the world is truly astounding. And with it’s unparalleled rise in dominance, it is a rapidly changing paradigm for global brands and retailers to understand how to connect with customers on mobile.

Post hero image The Path of Least Action

“Can you put a meeting on my calendar before that other meeting so that we can hammer out what we’re going to talk about? “Sure, but I think we need a pre-meeting.” “You’re right, let’s get both of those on the calendar.”

We’ve all done it, but 2015 is going to be the year we give it up. We’re

Post hero image A Spooky Treat

Our version of a sweet treat for Halloween! Here’s a spooky free wallpaper made by one of our rad designers, Ronnie Johnson. We hope everyone has a safe and sweet Halloween! Select one of the following options below to download.

Post hero image The All New Oven Bits

You may have noticed that we have a new look on our corner of the Internet. We couldn’t be more excited to share the new Oven Bits with you. You will find a brand new site, an updated logo, and some fresh new faces. While this all may seem a bit sudden, it’s actually something we’ve been baking internally for quite some time.