A Concierge Strategy for Growing Mobile Revenue

Buckle up, brands – if I’m going to give you insanely valuable real estate on my mobile screen, then you’d better provide something more than just a faster way to take my money.

Yes, I know your conversion rates are abysmally low, but investing all of your time and money into just the checkout cart is not going to win me over. By all means, that ought to be a buttery smooth process, but if that’s all you’re investing in, then you’re missing the biggest opportunity in mobile commerce.

I don’t need just another way to browse the exact same product views as your site. Who cares if I can swipe through shirts until I hit the end of your shopping app?

Despite the endless chants of “content and commerce” and “brand utility,” there are painfully too many retailers who seem content to assume that just getting me looking at product is enough to get me to purchase something.

Not gonna happen.

Here’s some tough love for you, fearless brand mobile leaders – your mobile commerce app is about more than sales. It’s a hard truth, especially as you’re staking your success on hitting that quarterly revenue goal. But the most effective way to lift those conversions is to augment them with the right tools and content. Now that can seem like an over-broad umbrella, so here’s a helpful way to break it down:


In your next mobile planning session, start by asking this question: “How can our app make someone’s life better?” Take the bold and authentic step to think first about what the feature or utility is that is going to make your customer’s day easier or more convenient.


While personalization is valuable in any channel, what is more personal today than someone’s mobile device? The opportunities for providing relevant, personalized content and services is unparalleled on mobile. Location data, order history and the like are data points that build a story about your customer. These are not for hoarding in a remote database, but rather for learning how to better serve them.


Mobile is timely, present and always available. How can your app educate further about your product? There are rich, authentic stories in your brand’s products and there is no end to the quick moments during the day for you to engage and offer informative stories.


On the screen, you’re not just competing against your brand’s competition, you’re competing against every other app, game, song and video on your user’s device. If you want them to ever open your app in between potential purchase moments, you must serve them content that is compelling and interesting.

Make it Social

Each of these principles – utility, personalization, education, entertainment – has a social component. Authentically integrating the social experience into your app is a powerful experience and gives life to features that once lay dormant. Social content from Instagram to Vine can be beautifully woven throughout your app and can influence decision-making. Social content is even more than a dynamic way to entertain users and personalize the experience – it is actually driving sales. Social commerce sales soared at three times the rate of overall e-commerce last year.

And this is just the beginning. You have the freedom to pursue new ideas to reimagine mobile commerce. We’re on the same journey intensely pursuing brand new ideas in the mobile space as well. But great things happen when you take the courageous step to look beyond mobile as merely a sales channel and see it for what it should be: a smart concierge for you brand, always at the ready to serve your guest.