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Post hero image Oven Bits is a Family in More Ways Than One

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, recently wrote an article and book explaining that a company can never be like a family. I respectfully disagree.

He preaches that the employer-employee relationship is broken in a fast-paced business environment of change. Is it true that a family-centric culture is inherently based on unrealistic loyalty? Will it really leave at-will employment with an inevitable feeling of hurt or betrayal? No. It doesn’t have to.

Our first core value at Oven Bits is to put ‘People Over Profit.’ We take a genuine interest in the person next to us. We get to know each other inside and outside of ‘the oven.’ Beyond the person-to-entity relationship, this speaks to the bond of interpersonal relationships formed.

Post hero image The Art of the Power Nap

As designers, developers, or quite frankly anyone else that works in front of a computer all day, we’ve all experienced the classic case of the “post-lunch sleepies.” It hits us at the most inconvenient time. That footlong ham sandwich sounded pretty good an hour ago, but now it has caught up to us, right when we’re back at our desks trying to take over the world.

Post hero image Be Mine

Still in need for a Valentine’s Day card for tomorrow? One of our designers, Gordon Clines made a printable to save you time and a trip to the store. You can thank him later.

Post hero image Why We Value People Over Success

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” I love this quote for a few reasons, but the main one being that Einstein, a man that most would say had great success, understood the inherent difference between success and value.

All too often in our culture this seems to be forgotten. On one hand, you have companies that chase after success, as it relates to profit, cutting deals and corners along the way. Firing employees who don’t keep up with the pace while simultaneously pumping out products that alienate their customers due to a lack of empathy for customers needs.

Post hero image We Have a Dribbble

Our Dribbble team page is up and running. Be sure and check it out to keep up to date with all the fresh shots we’re baking here at The Oven.

Illustration by Ronnie Johnson

Post hero image Rethinking the Designer's Role

We are beginning to see the importance of design in almost every industry today, a shift from a production oriented machine to a more human-centered, empathetic approach to the development of products and services. This is a totally natural occurrence. As more and more competition continues to saturate the market, the idea of setting yourself apart from the crowd is very important. This is rather exciting news for people in the business of creating products or offering services such as us due to the fact that a majority of that “empathetic approach to the development of products and services” that I mentioned above has fallen into our laps.

Post hero image The Responsive Web is More than Just Layout

Thinking mobile-first goes beyond just building layouts for small displays.

When it comes to building websites, being Mobile-First means using an approach with a fundamental understanding of how people access your content. We already do this for the myriad of browsers and user capabilities; but designing for mobile devices presents a whole new set of challenges because mobile devices have many more constraints than just screen size. These include processor speed, limited browser capabilities, slow bandwidth, user attention, and metered access.

Post hero image Products, Content, and Experiences in a Mutli-Device World

Meet Hollywood…in 1962. Blockbuster movies were produced, film reels shipped to theaters and tickets sold to shows.

Meet Hollywood…in 2013. Beyond theaters, movies are watched on home TVs, laptops, tablets, phones and other devices. (Thank you Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Instant, Hulu, on-demand cable, and even DVDs.)

Post hero image iOS 7 - A Neue Beginning

Earlier this year Apple unveiled iOS 7, the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone, featuring a completely redesigned user interface and hundreds of great new features.

Post hero image Looping Our Way to Great Software

The key to creating software that people love is to involve them in the process. Excellent software comes together after many iterations of feature tweaks, additions, removals and polishes. At Oven Bits, we call these iterations “loops”.

Our looping process begins with a simple hypothesis about how