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Beyond the Shock
Cross-Platform Development
Motion graphics
The Challenge
Create a comprehensive online resource guide to understanding and coping with breast cancer regardless of culture and language.
Our Solution
Design, implement and scale a cross-cultural resource to enable conversation, interaction and hope in the wake of diagnosis on the Web and mobile devices.
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Focusing the efforts
We begin every project with focused discovery sessions. These sessions include extensive research and analysis into potential platforms, use cases and architecture decisions. Our research identified the need for an illustrated design style that depicted breast cancer and the female body in a socially acceptable manner. Users also needed a social community to discuss personal questions on this sensitive topic.
User Experience
Crafting the community
Creating a warm and friendly user experience across multiple languages, locales and cultures was crucial to the success of the Beyond the Shock platform. Language and culture aside, the approach also needed to have a cohesive user experience across four different device platforms.
We put considerable focus on how this sensitive topic could be discussed globally.
To enhance the experience and provide a concise method for education, motion graphics videos were added to the mix. These videos provided a design-independent means to provide educational content. Over 70 minutes of chapter-based video content were produced for the site launch.
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Content Strategy
Future-friendly content

From the outset, Beyond the Shock was designed to handle content from multiple languages.

To better serve the community, and make administration easier for community managers, a custom content management system was implemented. This content system manages translations for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin.

To accomodate more verbose languages, an additional 30% of space was allowed for the translation of content.

“Design savvy. Brilliant. Friendly.
These guys know the pulse of digital.”
Programs Director at NBCF
Cross-platform engineering
Beyond the Shock has to serve a wealth of content quickly. With a combination of traditional database, lightning fast key-value storage, flat files and caching we were able to achieve excellent load times and traffic management for a large number of users. We built a custom content management system offering translations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin.
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