How we married commerce and content across multiple devices
Responsive e-commerce
Enterprise content management
The Challenge
Grow Cellucor’s exposure, sales and online brand presence through content and e-commerce regardless of a customer’s preferred device.
Our Solution
An elegant mobile-first experience combined with a future-friendly Content Management System to manage and publish imagery, articles, videos and products.
Online Revenue Growth
Conversion Increase
Increased Time on Site
The Analytics
Identifying opportunity
The lifeline of any e-commerce operation is conversion. Early in the project, our approach was to understand the funnels and conversion metrics associated with the existing website. These metrics allowed us to focus on the proper user engagement workflows, such as the checkout process, to drive conversions.
Content Strategy
Future-friendly content

Oven Bits believes in a Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) methodology for content strategy. This approach allows for multiple devices and platforms — Web, iOS, Android — to function from a single Content Management System (CMS). Creating content separate from presentation in this manner ensures a future-friendly content strategy.

Oven Bits’ proprietary CMS was developed on the COPE philosophy and its technology is used extensively for Cellucor.

Content and products should be created once and published everywhere.
Device Independent Strategy
Seamless experience across platforms and devices

Creating a friendly user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices is crucial to the conversion process of an e-commerce operation. We developed the Cellucor experience with a mobile-first approach to ensure a smooth experience for all devices.

Oven Bits created an exceptional mobile experience that adapted content and design across a range of devices. The mobile experience was the foundational building block for all expanded device resolutions.

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